Numeric search optional units

Compendex and Inspec records contain standardized numeric quantities and ranges. This normalized format of numeric data improves numeric search functionality in Engineering Village.

All 62 numeric fields have one default unit of measure. Additionally, some of these fields have one or more optional units of measure that can be used for numeric searching.

Use the Expert search form to perform specific numeric searches using optional or default units of measure in Compendex and Inspec.

You may refine your numeric search results using the Numeric filter feature on the Quick and Expert search result pages. The Numeric filter is an easy way to construct a numeric search that does not require the use of field names and Boolean logic. All the optional and default units listed in the Numeric filter are contained in the chart below. All numeric units are available in both Expert search and via the Numeric filter.

View this video tutorial to learn more about numeric searches.

Conduct numeric search using optional units of measure

Below are the field names, applicable databases, optional units, default units, and descriptions for each of the 62 numerically indexed fields. Refer also to the Numeric fields chart for the default units for each of these fields.

Refer to Numeric search queries for detailed instructions regarding the search syntax to run a numeric search query using optional units on the Expert search page in Compendex and Inspec.



Field Names Databases Description

(* denotes default unit)

Optional Unit(s)

(case sensitive)

NU_ABSORBED_DOSE Compendex and Inspec centigray cGy
    *gray Gy
    kilogray kGy
    kilorad krad
    megagray MGy
    microgray muGy
    milligray mGy
    millirad Mrad
    nanogray nGy
NU_ACCELERATION Compendex centimeter per second squared cm/s2
    feet per second squared ft/s2
    inch per second squared in/s2
    kilometer per hour squared km/hr2
    kilometer per second squared km/s2
    *meter per second squared m/s2
    micrometer per second squared mum/s2
    millimeter per second squared mm/s2
NU_AGE Compendex and Inspec billion year Ga
    day day
    million year Ma
    month month
    thousand year ka
    week week
    *year yr
NU_AMOUNT_OF_SUBSTANCE Compendex centimole cmol
    kilomole kmol
    micromole mumol
    millimole mmol
    *mole mol
    nanomole nmol
    picomole pmol
NU_ANGULAR_VELOCITY Compendex degree per hour deg/hr
    degree per minute deg/min
    degree per second deg/s
    *radian per second rad/s
NU_APPARENT_POWER Compendex and Inspec kilovolt ampere kVA
    megavolt ampere MVA
    *volt ampere VA
NU_AREA Compendex acre acre
    square centimeter cm2
    square foot ft2
    hectare hectare
    square inch in2
    square kilometer km2
    *square meter m2
    square micrometer mum2
    square mile mi2
    square millimeter mm2
    square nanometer nm2
    square picometer pm2
    square yard yd2
NU_BIT_RATE Compendex and Inspec *bits per second bit/s
    gigabits per second Gbit/s
    kilobits per second kbit/s
    megabits per second Mbit/s
    terabits per second Tbit/s
NU_CAPACITANCE Compendex and Inspec *farad F
    microfarad muF
    millifarad mF
    nanofarad nf
    picofarad pf
NU_CURRENT_DENSITY Compendex ampere per square centimeter A/cm2
    *ampere per square meter A/m2
    milliampere per square centimeter mA/cm2
    nanoampere per square centimeter nA/cm2
NU_DECIBEL Compendex *decibel dB
NU_DECIBEL_ISOTROPIC Compendex *decibel isotropic dBi
NU_DECIBEL_MILLIWATTS Compendex *decibel milliwatt dBm
NU_ELECTRIC_CURRENT Compendex and Inspec *ampere A
    gigaampere GA
    kiloampere kA
    megaampere MA
    microampere muA
    milliampere mA
    nanoampere nA
    picoampere pA
    teraampere TA
NU_ELECTRIC_FIELD_STRENGTH Compendex kilovolt per centimeter kV/cm
    kilovolt per meter kV/m
    millivolt per centimeter mV/cm
    volt per centimeter V/cm
    *volt per meter V/m
    volt per micrometer V/mum
NU_ELECTRICAL_CONDUCTANCE Compendex and Inspec microsiemen muS
    millisiemen mS
    nanosiemen nS
    *siemen S
NU_ELECTRICAL_CONDUCTIVITY Compendex and Inspec microsiemen per centimeter muS/cm
    millisiemen per centimeter mS/cm
    millisiemen per millimeter mS/mm
    siemen per centimeter S/cm
    *siemen per meter S/m
    siemen per millimeter S/mm
NU_ELECTRICAL_RESISTANCE Compendex and Inspec kiloohm kOhm
    megaohm MOhm
    microohm muOhm
    milliohm mOhm
    nanoohm nOhm
    *ohm Ohm
    picoohm pOhm
NU_ELECTRICAL_RESISTIVITY Compendex and Inspec microohm centimeter
    microohm meter muOhm.m
    milliohm centimeter
    milliohm meter mOhm.m
    ohm centimeter
    *ohm meter Ohm.m
    ohm millimeter
NU_ELECTRON_VOLT Compendex and Inspec *electron volt eV
    exaelectron volt EeV
    gigaelectron volt GeV
    kiloelectron volt keV
    megaelectron volt MeV
    microelectron volt mueV
    millielectron volt meV
    nanoelectron volt neV
    petaelectron volt PeV
    teraelectron volt TeV
NU_ENERGY Compendex and Inspec gigajoule GJ
    *joule J
    kilojoule kJ
    megajoule MJ
    microjoule muJ
    millijoule mJ
    nanojoule nJ
    picojoule pJ
    terajoule TJ
NU_EQUIVALENT_DOSE Compendex and Inspec *sievert Sv
    millisievert mSv
NU_FORCE Compendex kilogram force kgf
    kilonewton kN
    meganewton MN
    micronewton muN
    millinewton mN
    nanonewton nN
    *newton N
NU_FREQUENCY Compendex and Inspec gigahertz GHz
    *hertz Hz
    kilohertz kHz
    megahertz MHz
    microhertz muHz
    millihertz mHz
    nanohertz nHz
    picohertz pHz
    terahertz THz
NU_ILLUMINANCE Compendex lumen per square centimeter lm/cm2
    lumen per square millimeter lm/mm2
    *lux lx
NU_INDUCTANCE Compendex *henry H
    microhenry muH
    millihenry mH
    nanohenry nH
NU_LINEAR_DENSITY Compendex gram per centimeter g/cm
    gram per meter g/m
    gram per millimeter g/mm
    kilogram per centimeter kg/cm
    *kilogram per meter kg/m
    kilogram per millimeter kg/mm
    microgram per centimeter mug/cm
    milligram per centimeter mg/cm
NU_LUMINANCE Compendex candela per square centimeter cd/cm2
    *candela per square meter cd/m2
    candela per square millimeter cd/mm2
NU_LUMINOUS_EFFICACY Compendex *lumen per watt lm/W
NU_LUMINOUS_EFFICIENCY Compendex *candela per ampere cd/A
NU_LUMINOUS_FLUX Compendex *lumen lm
NU_MAGNETIC_FIELD_STRENGTH Compendex ampere per centimeter A/cm
    *ampere per meter A/m
    ampere per millimeter A/mm
    kiloampere per meter kA/m
    microampere per centimeter muA/cm
    microampere per micrometer muA/mum
    microampere per millimeter muA/mm
    milliampere per centimeter mA/cm
    milliampere per millimeter mA/mm
    nanoampere per micrometer nA/mum
    picoampere per micrometer pA/mum
NU_MAGNETIC_FLUX_DENSITY Compendex and Inspec microtesla muT
    millitesla mT
    nanotesla nT
    *tesla T
NU_MASS Compendex and Inspec gram g
    *kilogram kg
    megagram tons
    microgram mug
    milligram mg
    nanogram ng
    ounce oz
    picogram pg
    pound lb
NU_MASS_DENSITY Compendex gram per cubic centimeter g/cm3
    gram per liter g/l
    gram per milliliter g/ml
    *kilograms per cubic meter kg/m3
    microgram per liter mug/l
    microgram per milliliter mug/mL
    milligram/milliliter mg/mL
    milligram/milliliter mg/mL
    nanogram/milliliter ng/mL
NU_MASS_FLOW_RATE Compendex gram per minute g/min
    gram per second g/s
    kilogram per hour kg/hr
    kilogram per minute kg/min
    *kilogram per second kg/s
    milligram per second mg/s
    pound per hour lb/hr
    tonne per day tons/day
    tonne per year tons/yr
NU_MOLALITY Compendex micromole per gram mumol/g
    millimole per gram mmol/g
    millimole per kilogram mmol/kg
    mole/gram mol/g
    *mol per kilogram mol/kg
NU_MOLAR_CONCENTRATION Compendex killimole per cubic meter kmol/m3
    micromole per liter mumol/L
    millimole per liter mmol/L
    millimole per cubic meter mmol/m3
    mole per cubic centimeter mol/cm3
    mole per cubic decimeter mol/dm3
    mole per liter mol/L
    *mole per cubic meter mol/m3
NU_MOLAR_MASS Compendex *gram per mol g/mol
NU_PERCENTAGE Compendex *percent %
NU_POWER Compendex and Inspec gigawatt GW
    kilowatt kW
    megawatt MW
    microwatt muW
    milliwatt mW
    nanowatt nW
    picowatt pW
    terawatt TW
    *watt W
NU_PRESSURE Compendex and Inspec atmosphere atm
    bar bar
    gigapascal GPa
    hectopascal hPa
    kilobar kbar
    kilopascal kPa
    megapascal MPa
    millibar mbar
    millimeter mercury mmHg
    millipascal mPa
    millitorr mTorr
    *pascal Pa
    terapascal TPa
    torr Torr
NU_RADIATION_EXPOSURE Compendex and Inspec *coulomb per kilogram C/kg
    microcoulomb per kilogram muC/kg
    microroentgen muR
    millicoulomb per kilogram mC/kg
    milliroentgen mR
NU_RADIO_ACTIVITY Compendex and Inspec *becquerel Bq
    curie Ci
    gigabecquerel GBq
    kilobecquerel kBq
    megabecquerel MBq
    microcurie muCi
    millibecquerel mBq
    millicurie mCi
    petabecquerel PBq
    terabecquerel TBq
NU_ROTATIONAL_SPEED Compendex kilorevolution per minute krpm
    *revolution per minute rpm
NU_SIZE Compendex and Inspec centimeter cm
    foot ft
    inch in
    kilometer km
    *meter m
    micrometer mum
    mile miles
    millimeter mm
    nanometer nm
    picometer pm
    yard yd
NU_SPECIFIC_ENERGY Compendex calorie per gram cal/g
    calorie per kilogram cal/kg
    joule per gram J/g
    *joule per kilogram J/kg
    kilocalorie per gram kcal/g
    kilocalorie per kilogram kcal/kg
    kilojoule per gram kJ/g
    kilojoule per kilogram kJ/kg
NU_SPECIFIC_SURFACE_AREA Compendex square centimeter per gram cm2/g
    square meter per gram m2/g
    *square meter per kilogram m2/Kg
NU_SPECIFIC_VOLUME Compendex cubic centimeters per gram cm3/g
    liter per gram L/g
    liter per kilogram L/kg
    cubic meters per gram m3/g
    *cubic meters per kilogram m3/kg
    milliliter per gram mL/g
    milliliter per kilogram mL/kg
NU_SPECTRAL_EFFICIENCY Compendex *bit per second hertz bit/s/Hz
    gigabit per second hertz Gbit/s/Hz
    kilobit per second hertz kbit/s/Hz
    megabit per second hertz Mbit/s/Hz
    terabit per second hertz Tbit/s/Hz
NU_SURFACE_CHARGE_DENSITY Compendex coulomb per centimeter squared C/cm2
    *coulomb per square meter C/m2
    microcoulomb per square centimeter muC/cm2
    microcoulomb per square meter muC/m2
    millicoulomb per square centimeter mC/cm2
    millicoulomb per square meter mC/m2
NU_SURFACE_DENSITY Compendex gram per square centimeter g/cm2
    gram per square meter g/m2
    kilogram per square centimeter kg/cm2
    *kilogram per square meter kg/m2
    kilogram per square millimeter kg/mm2
    microgram per square centimeter mug/cm2
    milligram per square centimeter mg/cm2
    milligram per square meter mg/m2
NU_SURFACE_POWER_DENSITY Compendex gigawatt per square centimeter GW/cm2
    kilowatt per square centimeter kW/cm2
    kilowatt per square meter kW/m2
    megawatt per square meter MW/m2
    microwatt per square centimeter muW/cm2
    milliwatt per square centimeter mW/cm2
    milliwatt per square meter mW/m2
    watt per square centimeter W/cm2
    *watt per square meter W/m2
NU_SURFACE_TENSION Compendex kilonewton per meter kN/m
    millinewton per meter mN/m
    newton per centimeter N/cm
    *newton per meter N/m
    newton per millimeter N/mm
NU_TEMPERATURE Compendex and Inspec celsius C
    fahrenheit F
    *kelvin K
NU_THERMAL_CONDUCTIVITY Compendex microwatt per meter kelvin muW/mk
    milliwatt per meter kelvin mW/mk
    *watt per meter kelvin W/mk
NU_TIME Compendex and Inspec femtosecond fs
    hour hr
    microsecond mus
    millisecond ms
    minute min
    nanosecond ns
    picosecond ps
    *second s
NU_TORQUE Compendex kilonewton meter kN.m
    millinewton meter mN.m
    newton centimeter
    *newton meter N.m
    pound foot lb.ft
NU_VELOCITY Compendex and Inspec centimeter per second cm/s
    foot per second ft/s
    inch per second in/s
    kilometer per hour km/hr
    kilometer per second km/s
    knot knots
    *meter per second m/s
    micrometer per second mum/s
    mile per hour mph
    millimeter per second mm/s
NU_VOLTAGE Compendex and Inspec gigavolts GV
    kilovolts kV
    megavolts MV
    microvolts muV
    millivolts mV
    nanovolts nV
    picovolts PV
    teravolts TV
    *volts V
NU_VOLUME Compendex centiliter cL
    cubic centimeter cm3
    cubic foot ft3
    fluid ounce floz
    gallon gallon
    cubic inch in3
    cubic kilometer km3
    liter L
    *cubic meter m3
    microliter muL
    cubic mile mi3
    milliliter mL
    cubic millimeter mm3
    cubic yard yd3
NU_VOLUME_CHARGE_DENSITY Compendex *coulomb per cubic meter C/m3











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