Numeric search fields

Compendex and Inspec records contain standardized numeric quantities and ranges. This normalized format of data improves numeric search functionality in Engineering Village.

Use the Expert search form to perform specific numeric searches in Compendex and Inspec.

You may also refine your numeric search results using the Numeric filter feature on the Quick and Expert search result pages. The Numeric filter is an easy way to construct a numeric search that does not require the use of field names and Boolean logic. View this video tutorial to learn more about numeric searches.

Conduct numeric search

You can specify which numeric field(s) you want to include in your search queries. Below are the field names, applicable databases, data types, default units, and descriptions for each of the 62 numerically indexed fields.

Refer to Numeric search queries for detailed instructions regarding the search syntax to run numeric search queries on the Expert search page in Compendex and Inspec.

Additionally, you may refer to Numeric search optional units for a comprehensive list of all the optional units of measure that you may use to conduct numeric search queries on the Expert search page for Compendex and Inspec.

Note Each field name contains an "NU" (Numeric) prefix.


Data Type Field Name Description Default Unit

(case sensitive)

absorbed dose NU_ABSORBED DOSE gray Gy Compendex and Inspec
acceleration NU_ACCELERATION meters per second squared m/s2 Compendex
age NU_AGE year yr Compendex and Inspec
amount of substance NU_AMOUNT_OF_SUBSTANCE mole mol Compendex
angular velocity NU_ANGULAR_VELOCITY radian per second rad/s Compendex
apparent power NU_APPARENT_POWER Volt-Ampere VA Compendex and Inspec
area NU_AREA square meter m2 Compendex
bit rate NU_BIT_RATE bits per second bit/s Compendex and Inspec
capacitance NU_CAPACITANCE farad F Compendex and Inspec
current density NU_CURRENT_DENSITY ampere per square meter A/m2 Compendex
decibel NU_DECIBEL decibel dB Compendex
decibel isotropic NU_DECIBEL_ISOTROPIC decibel isotropic dBi Compendex
decibel milliwatt NU_DECIBEL_MILLIWATTS decibel milliwatt dBm Compendex
electric current NU_ELECTRIC_CURRENT ampere A Compendex and Inspec
electric field strength NU_ELECTRIC_FIELD_STRENGTH volt per meter V/m Compendex
electrical conductance NU_ELECTRICAL_CONDUCTANCE Siemens S Compendex and Inspec
electrical conductivity NU_ELECTRICAL_CONDUCTIVITY Siemens per meter S/m Compendex and Inspec
electrical resistance NU_ELECTRICAL_RESISTANCE Ohm Ohm Compendex and Inspec
electrical resistivity NU_ELECTRICAL_RESISTIVITY Ohm meter Ohm.m Compendex and Inspec
electron volt energy NU_ELECTRON_VOLT electron volt eV Compendex and Inspec
energy NU_ENERGY joule J Compendex and Inspec
equivalent dose NU_EQUIVALENT_DOSE sievert Sv Compendex and Inspec
force NU_FORCE newton N Compendex
frequency NU_FREQUENCY hertz Hz Compendex and Inspec
illuminance NU_ILLUMINANCE lux lx Compendex
inductance NU_INDUCTANCE henry H Compendex
linear density NU_LINEAR_DENSITY kilograms per meter kg/m Compendex
luminance NU_LUMINANCE candela per square meter cd/m2 Compendex
luminous efficacy NU_LUMINOUS_EFFICACY lumen per watt lm/W Compendex
luminous efficiency NU_LUMINOUS_EFFICIENCY candela per ampere cd/A Compendex
luminous flux NU_LUMINOUS_FLUX lumen lm Compendex
magnetic field strength NU_MAGNETIC_FIELD_STRENGTH amperes per meter A/m Compendex
magnetic flux density NU_MAGNETIC_FLUX_DENSITY tesla T Compendex and Inspec
mass NU_MASS kilogram kg Compendex and Inspec
mass density NU_MASS_DENSITY kilograms per cubic meter kg/m3 Compendex
mass flow rate NU_MASS_FLOW_RATE kilograms per second kg/s Compendex
molality NU_MOLALITY mol per kilogram mol/kg Compendex
molar concentration NU_MOLAR_CONCENTRATION moles per cubic meter mol/m3 Compendex
molar mass NU_MOLAR_MASS grams per mol g/mol Compendex
percentage NU_PERCENTAGE percent % Compendex
power NU_POWER watt W Compendex and Inspec
pressure NU_PRESSURE pascal Pa Compendex and Inspec
radiation exposure NU_RADIATION_EXPOSURE coulomb per kilogram C/kg Compendex and Inspec
radioactivity NU_RADIO_ACTIVITY becquerel Bq Compendex and Inspec
rotational speed NU_ROTATIONAL_SPEED revolutions per minute rpm Compendex
size NU_SIZE meter m Compendex and Inspec
specific energy NU_SPECIFIC_ENERGY joules per kilogram J/kg Compendex
specific surface area NU_SPECIFIC_SURFACE_AREA square meters per kg m2/Kg Compendex
specific volume NU_SPECIFIC_VOLUME cubic meters per kilogram m3/kg Compendex
spectral efficiency NU_SPECTRAL_EFFICIENCY bits per second per hertz bit/s/Hz Compendex
surface charge density NU_SURFACE_CHARGE_DENSITY coulomb per square meter C/m2 Compendex
surface density NU_SURFACE_DENSITY kilograms per square meter kg/m2 Compendex
surface power density NU_SURFACE_POWER_DENSITY watts per square meter W/m2 Compendex
surface tension NU_SURFACE_TENSION newtons per meter N/m Compendex
temperature NU_TEMPERATURE kelvin K Compendex and Inspec
thermal conductivity NU_THERMAL_CONDUCTIVITY watts per meter kelvin W/mK Compendex
time NU_TIME second s Compendex and Inspec
torque NU_TORQUE newton meter N.m Compendex
velocity NU_VELOCITY meters per second m/s Compendex and Inspec
voltage NU_VOLTAGE volt V Compendex and Inspec
volume NU_VOLUME cubic meter m3 Compendex
volume charge density NU_VOLUME_CHARGE_DENSITY coulomb per cubic meter C/m3 Compendex











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