My search preferences

You may set your search preferences on the Search tab of the My preferences page.

Refer to the Download and Results topics for detailed descriptions of these My preferences features.

NotesYou will only see the databases for which your organization has purchased a subscription.
 All settings indicated on each tab of the My preferences form are considered default settings when using Engineering Village as a registered and logged in user.
 Additionally, you may change your database preferences, AutoSuggest, and Advanced display selections during each search session. Therefore, you have the ability to override your default preferences with new selections during each session, and your default preferences will be retained for your next search session.


To access this featureDo this

Select default databases

Select the default databases that will appear on your Engineering Village Quick and Expert search pages.

  1. From Database selection, select the check box(es) for one or more of the following databases:
    • Compendex
    • Inspec
    • NTIS
    • PaperChem
    • Chimica
    • CBNB
    • EnCompassLIT
    • EnCompassPAT
    • GeoRef
    • US Patents
    • EP Patents
    • Knovel
  2. Click Save. The default database(s) selections will be saved for future searches.
Turn off AutoSuggest

The AutoSuggest feature displayed on Quick search page and Controlled vocabulary facet is enabled by default.

  • Select the AutoSuggest default check box to turn off this feature for future searches.
Select specific Advanced display features

The Advanced display feature is closed by default on the Quick search page.

  1. From the Advanced display drop-down, select one of the following options to remain open by default. You can select only one option.
    • Closed
    • Databases
    • Date
    • Document type
    • Sort by
    • Language
    • Treatment type
    • Discipline type
    • Autostemming
    NoteThis selection displays under the Advanced display label.
  2. Click Save. This feature will be saved for future searches.
NoteYou may click Cancel at any point to cancel your selections and start over.


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