Combined search fields

Combined searches allow you to search multiple databases simultaneously and remove duplicate records. The databases available are determined by the subscriptions held by your institution.

Fields available with combined databases

The fields available depend on the databases selected. Only fields that are common to all available databases are searchable in Quick search.

Example The CODEN field is not available in the NTIS database, so it will not appear in the Search in field drop-down for any combination of databases containing NTIS.

In Expert search, the Search codes tab contains a list of all search codes from all databases, with a letter identifying the source database: c = Compendex, i = Inspec, n = NTIS, etc. These codes identify which fields are available in each database.

Example The Accession number is a field that is common for all three databases listed above, (c, i, n), and returns hits in all three databases, but the Monitoring agency field (n) is a field unique to NTIS, and thus returns zero hits in Compendex and Inspec.

It is important to remember that the different databases have different policies, or may contain different information, for similar fields.

Example An author name in Compendex may contain the author's first and middle name or initial, while in Inspec, only initials are used for first and middle names. The controlled terms for Compendex, Inspec, and NTIS may not be the same. Each database also has its own classification codes.

 For best results, familiarize yourself with the field descriptions for each database.


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