AutoSuggest powered by Ei Thesaurus

AutoSuggest helps engineering researchers find terms quickly by presenting a list of suggested terms from the most trusted engineering thesaurus available, Ei Thesaurus. As you are entering a search term, AutoSuggest provides a list of words or phrases in alphabetical order which match what you are typing. If a word matches the term you are interested in searching, you can then select the word to include in your search.

AutoSuggest features include:

How AutoSuggest works

Origin of AutoSuggest terms The AutoSuggest feature is powered by the 20,000 preferred and non-preferred terms from the Ei Thesaurus. The Ei Thesaurus is an important and unique feature to Engineering Village because it provides the taxonomy and classifications used for categorizing over 1 million engineering records each year. Engineering researchers rely on these categorizations, and on the Ei Thesaurus itself, when searching for articles, papers, and conferences that are directly relevant to their research.
Highlighted terms in the Controlled vocabulary facet

An AutoSuggest assisted search will highlight search terms in the Controlled vocabulary facet which could improve your search results.

Turn off AutoSuggest You may turn off this feature in the following ways:
  • Click Turn off at the bottom right side of the AutoSuggest List or Turn off AutoSuggest below the search box(es) to turn off this feature for this session only.
  • Set a default to turn off this feature on the Search tab of My preferences page for all future sessions.
  • Turn off this feature indefinitely at the account level by contacting Support.


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