Thesaurus search

The Thesaurus search page provides searching in 6 databases for controlled terms: Compendex, Inspec, GeoRef, GEOBASE, and EnCompass (includes both EnCompassPAT and EnCompassLIT). Each database in Engineering Village is indexed with its own thesaurus.

The thesauri are guides to the controlled vocabulary used in indexing articles for the 6 databases. Indexers choose terms from the controlled vocabulary to describe the article they are indexing. The controlled vocabulary is used to standardize the way the articles are indexed. The thesauri are hierarchical in nature. Terms are organized by broader, narrower, or related concepts.

The Thesaurus function enables you to accomplish the following tasks:

Refer to the GEOBASE thesaurus section of this topic for specific information regarding GEOBASE thesaurus searches.

Perform a Thesaurus search

  1. Hover over Search at the top of the page and scroll down to Thesaurus.
  2. Click Thesaurus. The Thesaurus search page opens.
  3. Select the database you would like to search.
    NoteRefer to the individual hyperlinks for each of the databases listed in the introduction of this topic or review to the Content sources introduction for a brief overview of each database.
  4. From the drop-down, select the type of search you want to use.

    For help in making this selection, see Selecting a search type in a Thesaurus search for detailed information regarding each of these 3 options.

  5. Enter search terms in the Search text box.
    NoteIf you switch from one database to another, the selections in the Search term text box are deleted. Some terms are common to multiple databases, but many controlled terms are unique to a particular database.
  6. Click Search index. Your search results appear in a new Search results box. Use the paging features (left and right arrows) above the new search results box, where applicable, to see additional search results.
  7. Select the check box of one or more terms.

If desired, click a term to view its thesaurus entry, which will yield additional related broader and narrower terms. Select the check box of any of these terms.

NotesTerms in italics are lead-in terms that point to a controlled vocabulary.
 The hierarchical display of your search terms appear above the search box, and you can click any portion of this display to search these narrower and broader search terms.

When you select the check box of a term, it appears in the Selected term(s) box on the right side of the page.

NoteIf you switch to another thesaurus database after adding terms to the Selected term(s) search box, a message informs you that your selected thesaurus terms will be lost. Click OK to continue with the database change, or click Cancel to discontinue the action. Some terms are common to both databases, but many controlled terms are unique to a database.
  1. Specify how you want Engineering Village to search your selected terms:
  2. To limit or specify a sort order of your search results, continue to the section of the Thesaurus search page beneath the search box. Otherwise, click the magnifying glass icon to run your search.

Delete terms from the Search box

To delete a term, clear the check box preceding the search term from the Search box on the left side of the page or click the X following the search term from the Selected term(s) search box on the right side of the page. To remove all terms with one click, click Reset form.

Thesaurus searches in the GEOBASE database

The GEOBASE database contains multiple types of controlled terms.

Refer to Expert search fields and field codes for more information about all search codes.

Because the GEOBASE thesaurus contains both general controlled terms and regional controlled terms, thesaurus queries on this database search both of these fields. This search structure is slightly different from the structure for Compendex, Inspec, and GeoRef queries, in which each query searches the Controlled term (CV) field only.





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