Thesaurus Search overview

The Thesaurus Search page provides searching of 6 databases for controlled terms: Compendex, Inspec, GeoRef, GEOBASE, and EnCompass (includes both EnCompassPAT and EnCompassLIT). Each database in EV is indexed with its own thesaurus.

The thesauri are guides to the controlled vocabulary used in indexing articles for the 6 databases. Indexers choose terms from the controlled vocabulary to describe the article they are indexing. The controlled vocabulary is used to standardize the way the articles are indexed. The thesauri are hierarchical in nature. Terms are organized by broader, narrower, or related concepts.

See Doing a Thesaurus Search for help in using this type of search.

Thesaurus searches in the GEOBASE database

The GEOBASE database contains multiple types of controlled terms.

More information about all search codes is available at the bottom of the Expert Search page.

Because the GEOBASE thesaurus contains both general controlled terms and regional controlled terms, thesaurus queries on this database search both of these fields. This search structure is slightly different from the structure for Compendex, Inspec, and GeoRef queries, which each search the Controlled Term field (CV) only.


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