Ei Compendex is the broadest and most complete engineering literature database available in the world. It provides a global view of peer reviewed and indexed publications with over 21 million records from 73 countries across 190 engineering disciplines. Every record is carefully selected and indexed using the Engineering Index Thesaurus to ensure discovery and retrieval of engineering-specific literature that engineering students and professionals can rely on. By using Ei Compendex, engineers can be confident the information is relevant, complete, accurate, and of high quality. For more detailed information about this database, refer to the Engineering Village Content page.

Ei Compendex cross-disciplinary areas

Ei Backfile

Founded in 1884, Engineering index has recorded virtually every major engineering innovation from around the world. The Engineering Index Backfile provides a comprehensive, historical view of engineering innovations from 1884-1969 with over 1.7 million records digitized from the original print indexes. Combined with Ei Compendex, it provides the most comprehensive overview of the last 130 years of engineering literature and it is available on Engineering Village only.




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